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Security for Your High-value Accessories

Display Security

Secure Fixtures

Smart Lock

Commercial Tablets

Dramatically increase your accessory sales

Cross-merchandising PODs offer limitless opportunities
to pair a high value accessory with a smartphone or tablet.

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Only ETG's secure displays can be fine-tuned to suit your security needs.
Start with our low profile AP Sensors, that monitor the phone’s electronics,
then add adjustable bracket arms and counter screw down as needed.

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Powered security

Perfect display security solution for high theft accessories
that should be powered up for customers to try before they buy.

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This changes everything.

ETG advances PODs aesthetics and engineering,
which has the smallest footprint of any handheld electronic security device
and is by far the easiest to use and maintain.

Security for Your High-value Accessories

We have the perfect solutions to protect your high-value electronic accessories.
Installed in just a few seconds, we provide instant protection with unmatched ease of use.

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Improve Customer Service, Increase Sales

Smart Lock is the first electronic lock and key system designed to deliver superior security protection
for items merchandised or inventoried inside cabinets.
Empower sales associates to access locked cabinets and increase your sales.


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The operational efficiency, improved customer service and speed to
check out makes Smart Lock the perfect locked cabinet solution.

Access All or Some of the Merchandise

You can easily and confidently display high-value sell-thru merchandise with our secure fixtures,
featuring uncompromising locking and time-delay designs.
ETG secure fixtures, the protection of locked cabinets, the sales power of open merchandising.

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Open and safe

Enjoy the security of locked cabinets
and the power of open merchandising.

ETG is Your Retail Companion

Our objective is to increase your profitability
by helping to increase your sales while decreasing the theft of your merchandise.

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