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Loss prevention

Our EAS systems can help you protect your products without creating a barrier at your front door,
offer your shoppers a welcoming, pleasant environment
and optimally benefit from the preventive effect at the same time.

Full Range of Anti-shoplifting Solutions

Pedestal Antennas

Concealed Antennas

Detachers / Deactivators

Tags & Labels

scalable solutions to prevent losses

A key consideration in designing electronic article surveillance (EAS) systems for retail stores is finding the right balance between customer friendliness and effectiveness.

To effectively protect your merchandise from being stolen, our intelligent article surveillance systems offer reliable RF and/or RFID detection, deliver useful data and guarantee the lowest total cost of ownership. Our article surveillance systems are available in a wide range of designs and can be equipped with fully integrated extra options.

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Best-in-class EAS systems

Experience shows that losses can be reduced by more than 50% with an electronic article surveillance system,
which leads to an extremely quick return on investment within a few months.


Open antennas - FL line

!D Top: Ceiling-mounted RFID reader


Transparent antennas - PG Line

!D GATE: Pedestal RFID reader

Concealed Floor System

Future-proof RF to RFID Antennas

Premier Series AM Antennas


RF / AM Label

AM / RF Tag

Ink Tag

Sew-In Label

Jewelry Tag

Bottle Tag

Card Label

Accessory Tag

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