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ETG develops 3D traffic solution as a people counting system of retail stores in Hong Kong and offers flexible metrics to apply on collected data like multi-zone counting and height filtering for accurate analytics.

LearnWhy 3D People Counting Traffic Solutions Are Needed in a Retail Outlet!

Say, for example – you have offered a discount in your retail outlet, and there would be a rush. Generally, this is a great opportunity to increase the sales of your store and understand what yourcustomers want. With the help ofpeople countingtechnique, commercial honchos can get an idea of where their business is heading. For the uninitiated, this customer traffic monitoring will help in –
Finding out the conversion rates of visitors to actual customers.
Increasing the efficiency of allocating one’s staff to the concerned visitor area.
Augmenting revenue levels.

Now, the questionsare – which isthe most efficient way to monitor this customer traffic? How can this be used to enhance the status of that particular retail outlet? There are a number of sensors which can provide accurate data. One such product is ETG Smart Retail Solution which has been designed by ETG to provide highly accurate metrics data.

Need for a correct 3D traffic solution: There are certain specific reasons that a retailer must note, before getting the ideal sensors for their stores.

1.Optimization of the store’s performance

A precise 3D people counting is essential for analysing how a particular store is functioning. Questions as – how many people visit a specific store to how many people actually buy the products and the exact direction in which the traffic is flowing – can be answered.

This will help to evaluatefactors which determine economic growth rate of that store and depict conversion rates. On a wider note, this impacts the promotional strategies and assesses the impacts on customer flow.

With help of this traffic counting, one can improve the planning of one’s store, determine its customer service andoptimizelabour costs to a great extent.

Helps to analyse and make the correct decision

For store managers, noting the details of their 3D traffic solutionis very important. It is from here that managers can determineconversion rate performance, monitor the staffs’ behaviour and their poor performing hoursas well as analyse the store budget efficiently.

3.Shopping centres and retail outlets – each has its own benefits

From stand-alone shopping centres to high-standard retail outlets – this traffic counting is a necessity.

In stand-alone systems: It determines the chain of footfall to optimisation of the payroll by specifying scheduled staffing. With help of this, one can do the identification of successful stores.

Retail outlets:With help of this data, one can find the effectiveness of shares. This way, one can reduce operation costs and make effective arrangement that the footfall can be well distributed.

Hence, with a host of benefits, the technique of people countingis an essential of retail management that one cannot miss. Though there are a number of sensors and software available in the market, one needs to check whether those match allconcerned demands of commercial outlet.

Check the authenticity of the sellers, and rest assured, your analytical data will help in improving your revenue.