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ETG, a Hong Kong-based company, develops RFID solution for stock management to manage and track the stocks with RFID tags and to achieve the goal of efficient stock control and security protection along the supply chain.

Why RFID Stock Management Rules Over Traditional Barcode System?

If you are venturing into the retail domain shortly, then RFID stock managementis one area that you cannot neglect. How a particular good fares amidst others, what is its inventory management status and how this solution is used in current market scenario – are all important factors for any retail outlet to function.

Firstly,it is important to note the pros, ideal cases and areas where RFID inventory management comes to use.

What is RFID stock management?

The concept of Radio Frequency Identification is associated with retail outlets for tracking certain commodities from its sale moment to production areas. The connection between the tag and the reading device is maintained by radio waves and there is a microchip with the antenna.

What are the benefits of this inventory management?

Unlike the traditional error-prone format, this RFID stock managementprovides accurate stock level tracking, automatic data collection process and streamlines the warehouse process. Apart from these, there are other benefits of this inventory too:
You can read multiple tags and thus you can cross-check an entire pallet at one go.
To track individual products, there are specific identification codes. Hence, the managers can check out production to sales details of these products.
Since one can overwrite these tags, there is possible to update the whole RFID system at one time.

Pros of this inventory management:

Apart from these specific benefits, there are certain pros of this RFIDmanagement system.

1.With help of this RFID system, from shipment verification to inventory costs to pack up time – each of these aspects are taken into account in a technical manner. So, labour costs are reduced comparatively.

2.Since the RFID technique does not require any kind of light for scanning of codes, the scanning process becomes rapid. In addition, you can scan the entire pallet at one time since RFID allows multiple tag reading.

3.Traditionally, the given serial number provides a back track to the database. RFID holds within itself multiple data and there is no issue of tracking the back-endat remote areas.

4.With RFID tags, the durability level rises since these RFID tags can deal with harsh chemicals and sterilization cycles.

So, from inventory managementto security issues and correct tag readingpositioning, RFID stock management is a necessity.

With RFID stock management, the inventories will get maximum visibility and optimization. The only condition is to get the right technology from authentic providers like ETG who have 30+ years of experience in this domain. Their products like Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) system have been designed specifically for RFID detection (tags or labels) establishing both effectiveness and client friendliness.