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Lighting Solutions

Versatility, rapid prototyping facilities
and numerous high quality bespoke luminaires

LED – Energy efficient lighting solution

We provide seamless architectural integration of premium interior luminaries and lighting systems.

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LED lamps are particularly suitable for public areas such as lobbies, corridors, stairwells, where the light is always on. They deliver huge energy savings and minimize maintenance cost without any compromise on light quality.
Perfect for replacing functional luminaires in general lighting applications. The process of selecting, installing and maintaining is so easy – it’s a simple switch.
Store designers want a spot that fits in with their store design. Visual merchandisers need the very best light quality and spots that are easily adjustable. It comes the exclusive track lighting products.
Suitable for recessed and suspended mounting, the range offers a choice of sizes and color temperatures; long-lasting and energy-efficient.
The solution for rising energy prices, catching the customer’s eye, as well as flexibility in architectural integration, especially for retailers.
Affordable, reliable and flexible solution designed to deliver both general and accent lighting in various environments.

High quality LED luminaires and lighting systems

We recognise the needs of our specifiers who wish to create harmonious environments. Whether the architectural concept emphasises functionality, aesthetics, or both, our aim is to find a solution that does justice to the project’s architectural features.

We are well known for our versatility, rapid prototyping facilities and numerous high quality bespoke luminaires. We look forward to the challenge of lighting your future projects.

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