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ETG, a Hong Kong security company, provides tablet and earphone display solution and our compansion accessories are designed to strike a balance between consumer purchasing experience and high-value devices security.

op 5 Reasons Why You Need the Perfect Earphone Display Solutions

For any electronics retailers, earphones are one of the most lucrative revenue sections. It is primarily because of people’s need and attraction towards quality music as a daily part of their lives.

In a bustle world, earphones make the perfect recluse and sigh of relief for people. However, to display these audio pieces for their magnificence, retailers need perfect earphone display.

These tools come in various sizes for the different types that are available in the market today. Here’s why retailers need the suitable ones for each type.

1.To accentuate design
Earphones come in different shapes, sizes, and variants. From in-ear to wireless and over the head, every variant has its own design that can be enhanced with their specific earphone display.
A good example would be the fact that one cannot possibly make an in ear headphone look alluring in an over the head earphone stand. This is one of the main purposes of the right display stand.

2.Keeps them safe
When customers pay money for electronics, they expect for top condition and quality. It is no difference with earphones as well. Displays keep earphones from getting roughed up in boxes or displaying for customer trials. It makes sure that even the one on show doesn’t lose any part of its look or sound!

Security is one of the prime factors that an earphone displayserves. They make sure that the earphones are locked down and cannot be taken far away from their stand. This makes it easier for the store to keep surveillance in the long run. Also, these displays tag and tie them to the extent that any attempt to fiddle with it might raise an alarm.

4.Creates accessible store décoreasily
Imagine you went to an electronics store where the staffs kept items boxed rather than on display. This would never attract many customers, personally, seeing is believing. Earphones are small objects no matter they are wired or wireless and customers should easily take a look and browse it in their stands.

5.Easy to stack for store management
A display makes it very easy for retailers to stack and organize the store especially for big electronics merchants. All staff members have to do is hang them in their respective display which would be more convenient rather than boxing and unboxing them every time.Also, it would make them look attractive as retailers put their centrepieces on lighting to strike an alluring balance in the minds of the customers.
These are the top 5 reasons why having these display racks is important. Companies like Hong Kong based ETG offer some of the best earphone display designs along with other similar solutions such as commercial tablet and its security. So, if you are an electronic retailer thinking about how to make both your displayed products and your store more eye-catching, getting your earphones straight would be a welcome task.