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ETG Smart Retail solution offers a big data analysis platform to Hong Kong retailers to keep track of multiple metrics, which gives them the insights about customer behaviour to optimize in-store marketing strategies.

How Big DataSolutionand Smart Retail Solution Make Businesses More Profitable?

Retailers all over the world are employing new analytic techniques to make a difference in their store footfall and businesses. To make this happen, they are using technologylike Smart Retail solution; which gathers large amounts of information from their clients from Big Data. This includes everything from - when the store faces maximum traffic to what sections get the most attention.

What is big data solution?
Big data is a compilation of huge data amounts that often exceed into petabytes and Exabyte. Gathered from different sources all over the world, it cannot be deciphered by traditional data analytical devices. Top companies like Hong Kong based ETG offers Smart Retail Solution for people counting and big data analytics services.

How agencies integrate big data with smart retail solution?
Smart retail solutioncompanies have special metrics that help big data analysisfor increasing user experience to another level. With the implementation of some advanced retail security services, they are able to collect data about customer behaviour which also makes it easier to get realistic product reviews.

Here are some tools that make all of it possible!
1.People Counting – This system counts footfall and the number of people entering the store and exiting it at any given time. It makes it easier for retail brands to see the most popular period. This way, they can manage their staff allocationat any timeeffectively.
2.Zones – Big data solutioncompanies help retailers to identify the zones that get the largest amount of visitors. They also classify the zones depending on how much time customers spent at there and how many products they pick up from there. All of this information poses valuable insights to retailers so that they can apply to increase their revenue performance.
3.Real Time Surveillance – This type of surveillance helps managers to check the store operation to ensure that customers get the best service from the staff. Also, it focuses on employee efficiency and performance based on their services as well as the conversion rate. So, not only big data helps in understanding customer behaviour but also taking a note of the best employees.
4.Labour Integration – When retailers know about their footfall and busiest sections in their stores, they can manage their employees optimally. By allocating more staffs in busy nooks, store management becomes more efficient, thus playing a great part in the store’s return effect. When staffs assist and guide customers with their special needs, it increases their likeliness to visit again. 

With all of these features, big data and smart retail solutioncan manipulate together to become a dual edged sword that can increase the conversion rate of retail companies by using advanced analytical tools. In this way, companies do not have to rely on wild guess work at play and the results bring game changing innovation because of their metric guidance.