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Designed for all kinds of industries and applications

Lifestyle-driven Digital Companion Accessories

We offers professional solutions for commercial tablets including
protective cases and portfolios, 360-degree rotating stands and versatile mounting
and charging solutions for real-life settings.

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interactive Tablet display

Freestanding solution for displaying a tablet on floor.
Perfect for trade shows, reception areas, and a variety of public settings.

MagConnect™ for iPad & iPad mini

The diverse line of adjustable carbon fiber mounts are designed to support iPad and iPad mini.
They feature a patent-pending magnetic connection that makes attaching and removing the tablet a snap.


How it Works


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The Perfect Creative Companion

Ideal solution for warehouse shelving, corporate reception areas,
workspaces, and creative organizations.

Rugged & Water-resistant Cases

The unique, lightweight protection of rugged & water-resistant cases
makes it perfect for the widest range of situations.
From educators in the classroom, to construction sites and the mobile workforce—
we will keep your iPad safe without weighing you down.


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ready for action

Perfect for active environment like transportation, mobile workforce, or manufacturing.
Enjoy reliable protection even in the most unpredictable environments.

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Styluses for iPhone, iPad, Smartphones, and Tablets

- the perfect companion to any touchscreen tablet

Works with Virtually Any Tablet, Any App

The Pinpoint Stylus is optimized for the most popular tablets available,
so you can enjoy amazing precision without being limited to special software or just one type of tablet.


ETG is Your Retail Companion

We provide elite class of digital companion products that
bridge today’s complex technology and elicit a joyful experience for the consumer.

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