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In the same way a website is optimized by analyzing the online clickstream data to understand where people go and what they do on a website, physical stores and other spaces can also be optimized by evaluating similar data.

But having an accurate people count isn’t enough.

ETG Smart Retail go above and beyond high accuracy by offering dynamic technology to track multiple metrics that reveal more meaningful and actionable data.


Enters and exits


Queue lengths and wait times


Service arrivals and service times


Object detection

Flexible Options to Fit Your Stores

Robust metric sets can be further augmented through advanced options and filtering controls. Get the data you need by adding more intelligence to your data.

Partial Global End Users


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ETG Smart Retail – Data that increase your profit

Big data – Cloud analytics solution

An intelligent, flexible, fast and user-friendly analytics platform which allows you to control your shops and user access with the least amount of work.

Data generated by sales, people counting & queue management gives you a chance to find out more about your customers, their behaviors and with that – their demands and needs.

Complete visibility across all of your stores

People counting

We offers unparalleled accuracy at affordable prices.

Real Time Visibility

Monitor the operations performance of your stores in real time and react to problems before they lead to lost sales.


Gain deeper insights into the browsing behavior of your customer base by geo-fencing each of your locations.


Quantify how the performance of individual locations compares to others in your portfolio as well as the industry average.

Labor Integration

Identify the busiest sections of your store by hour of day and day of week to deploy staff more effectively.

POS Integration

Calculate how effectively you convert browsers into buyers and measure how investments in marketing or store operations impact sales.

Optimize, analyze, measure – Maximize your revenue

People Counting is the key to retail analytics. Integrating people counting into existing KPI reports
gives you conversion rate and better understanding of your store when used in benchmark to strive for consistency.

ETG Smart Retail helps you to identify the busiest time of your store
by hour, day or week in order to deploy staff more effectively.


We are Your Retail Companion

We offer the only complete end-to-end solution for in-store analytics for retailers.

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